Saturday, March 15, 2008

9th Leap Year B-Day Birthday Pics!

This was the same picture that the local newspaper put in the Sunday paper about our 9th Birthday!
The Leap Day birthday dinner with JOEY!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Welcome to our 2012 Leap Year Cruise Blog!

Hi, I'm Jason and I will be hosting this blog as your cruise coordinator and birthday boy. I, along with my wonderful twin sister, Krista, will be inviting all of our friends and family to join our families on our 10Th Leap Year Birthday in February, 2012.

You may say that this blog is rushing it a little, since I haven't even turned 9 yet. Hey, us youngsters get excited about birthdays and vacations. I've looked on line about Family cruises/family reunion cruises and they all say to start planning early.

  • First off we need to get a total number of confirmed guests.
  • Second we need to pick a destination that is compatible for every one's wallet.
  • Next I can start searching for our cruise and obtain a group rate.

So lets get this started!

Please confirm with a post to this blog if your family will attend our cruise. (Number in family) Also state which cruise you would like to go on.

Krista and I both want to go somewhere warm and have come up with the Mexican Rivera or a Caribbean Cruise. The Mexican Rivera would have cheaper flights for the west coast people, but the Caribbean and Florida sounds like a blast. Tough Choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks and please respond by the Summer of 2009 with your confirmation!